Every Month Is Dental Pet Health Care Month

posted: by: Tricia Hunt, CVPM Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

With veterinary visits having been spread out over the past couple years, we are noticing many pets, of all ages, lacking in home dental care and in need of Dental Cleanings.  Many pets over the age of three years are already developing damaging periodontal disease which effects their overall health.
February has always been "National Dental Pet Health Month" for your pets.  Let's not wait until February.  Dental disease can be very painful and causes additional health conditions to worsen as well.  During October and November, 2023, we will be offering 10% OFF Wellness Lab Tests, Pre-surgical Lab Testing and all Anesthetic Dental Procedures.  We may have already seen your pet and discussed their oral care with you.  If not, and you are one of our clients, call and schedule a technician appointment for us to review your pet's oral situation with you. If you are new to our practice, please call and schedule an appointment for a physical exam with Dr. Greenfield to learn about your pet's general health first.   At this time we can plan a home dental care treatment plan or schedule your baby for lab work and a dental cleaning pending your pet's lab results.  We are trying to help with the costs so your pet doesn't have to wait and the condition won't worsen.  Do our very reliable "FLIP THE LIP" test yourself.  Look at your pets teeth and smell their breath.  We know you love them, and we want to work with you to help provide the best care you can.  (305) 931 -3825